Penny Withers is a Sheffield based ceramic artist with a studio at Yorkshire Artspace. She has a degree in Fine Art from West Surrey College of Art and a post-graduate certificate in education. She curated the Sheffield Ceramics exhibition ‘Shaping the Earth’ at the Millennium Galleries and has been instrumental in setting up the no smoke, community wood kiln at Manor Lodge. Her work, which is sold through several UK galleries and an interior design company, is always in demand.


 Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Centre for Ceramic Art, York.

Blackwell House, Windermere

Cecilia Colman Gallery, London

The Arc, Chester

Gallery Top, Rowsley

Gallery Plus, Wells Next the Sea

Gallery 6, Newark

Diary 2019

February 14 – March 24th – ‘Scale’ solo exhibition at the gallery at Persistence Works 21, Brown Street Sheffield

May 3rd – 27th – Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh.

May 4 & 5th – Hepworth Contemporary Ceramics Fair:

May 12    –      Ceramics in Charnwood

June 7, 8, 9th – Potfest Scotland.

June 27th – 30th – Handmade Oxford:

July 6th – September 28th – Artichoke Gallery, Ticehurst, Kent.

July 20th & 21st – PDA at Buxton Dome:

August 16, 17, 18th  – Art in Clay, Hatfield

August 25th – Ceramics in Southwell

September 7 & 8th – Wardlow Mires, Pots and Food:

September 21 & 22nd – Sheffield Ceramics Festival:

November 16 &17th – Open Studio:

November29th – December 5th: Winter Exhibition – The School of practical Philosophy, Belmont House, Stockport.


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